The work undertaken in Equal Pay and related areas, is based on work we have undertaken in respect of Job Evaluation, across a variety of Industries and Services and in respect of Employment Tribunal Cases. Initially, the major part of this work, following the enactment of the legislative provision on a Question of Equal Value in 1984, was undertaken for the Equal Opportunities Commission. Equal Value and Rated as Equivalent Cases in particular.

The work for the Equal Opportunities Commission has resulted in our Consultants accruing a substantial body of expertise in this area. Moreover, the work has been undertaken in respect of both Claimants and Comparators. Furthermore, two of our Consultants have served periods of appointment to the ACAS panel of Independent Experts. A panel appointed to assist the Tribunal in determining the Question of Equal Value.

This expertise is used to provide advice on the vulnerability of payment structures to the taint of sex, race and other types of discrimination. This includes;

  • The provision of expert advice to either party, to an equal value claim.
  • Preparing Job Description for use in Equal Value Cases.
  • Providing critical comments on the other Parties Job Descriptions.
  • Analysis of the Work Demands for Claimants and / or Respondents to identify appropriate Factors for Assessment purposes.
  • Appraisal of Reports by Independent Experts and Partisan Experts. Identifying challenges to Reports produce by the latter.
  • Compilation of alternative Equal Value Reports for submission to an Employment Tribunal.
  • Giving oral evidence to an Employment Tribunal.
  • Assessing whether Job Evaluation Schemes are tainted by sex, race and / or other types of discrimination.
  • In addition we undertake research, and publish books and articles on job evaluation and various types of bias and discrimination.