A method of determining pay differentials by reference to a structured series of value judgements. The latter are based on the evaluators’ perceptions of the relative worth of various types of job demand. The net result is a rank order of jobs. In turn the latter provides the framework for a payment structure.

It has been said that there are as many schemes as there are consultants in this area. Moreover each practitioner is likely to claim that their scheme has unique qualities. However, regardless of what is claimed, all job evaluation schemes are based on a set of value judgements, and the outcome is crucially dependent on who is making them.

In the context of an equal value case, the focus of attention is on a particular sub-set of schemes. Namely, those that assess relative job worth in terms of the various types of work demand the work in question requires. That is by reference to a series of factors such as ‘physical effort’, ‘skill’, and ‘working conditions’. Schemes of this type are classified under the heading ‘Analytical Schemes’

Job Evaluation Scheme / Study