The data bank of shift rotas was originally established in 1975. Since that date it has been regularly up-dated through national and international surveys. During the late 1970’s funding from the Nuffield Foundation was instrumental in making the material more readily available as a series of publications. The first of which was published in 1980.

Both the data bank, and the publications, reproduced rotas specific to particular organizations. Whilst in general terms these gave other organizations a grasp of the options available, in many instances they did not provide an exact fit with an organizations requirements.

The research projects had resulted in Working Time Analysts building up a significant level of expertise on alternative ways of reconciling production hours required, and employee hours available. Consequently, a number of organizations approached Working Time Analysts seeking advice on, and assistance with, the adaptation of shift systems in our data bank to their specific circumstances and needs.

The continued demand for this type of work resulted in the establishment of the Shiftwork Advisory Service, and subsequently, the development of a series of computer programmes enabling Work Time Analysts to customize and up-date an organization’s shift rotas / schedules.