The basic objective is to provide direct practical advice, guidance and assistance to those involved with the day to day operation of shift systems, or charged with policy decisions on the feasibility of alternative options. This is provided in three main ways:

  • First. Through our Shiftwork Advisory Service. This is a full consultancy service that designs shift rotas, both on a traditional and annual hours basis, that are tailored to an organizations individual circumstances and needs. It also provides advice on the impact of the latter on pay and other terms and conditions of employment.
  • Second. Through our Equal Value Advisory Service. This is a full consultancy service that provides extensive support in the identification a resolution of questions of Equal Value. This covers the collection of factual data on work demands and the generation of work / job descriptions. It also encompasses the provisional advice on the handling of equal Value Pay claims before / at an Employment Tribunal. Preparation of alternative Equal Value Reports and attendance at Tribunal Hearings. Critiques of Reports prepared by Independent Experts.
  • Third. Through our specialist publications. These include books with fully illustrated examples of alternative ways of organizing the pattern of working time and compendia of different types of shift rota. Also books on various aspects of Job Evaluation schemes and on Equal Pay issues such as rated as Equivalent pay claims and questions of Equal Value.